Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The last three days in a nutshell...

July 26-29, 2014

Well, the last three days have been a whirlwind. On Friday night, my husband asked if I would mind driving to the Teton Valley to attend the closing on our new vacation/retirement/rental home. I called my son, Steven, and he agreed to accompany me. So, on Monday I drove from Santa Fe to Denver picking up Steven along the way. He had not done any of his laundry, so we left with just the clothes on his back. (This incident is definitely going in my novel.) Luckily, I had already packed a toilet kit for him as a present for his upcoming trip to visit his sister in Albania. Anyway, we drove as far as we could last night, stopping in Rock Springs. We literally got the last hotel room in town. Apparently, everyone is going to Yellowstone or Jackson Hole. I'm waiting for Steven to wake-up, so decided to blog post.

My writing life over the weekend consisted of writing down a dream I had about the mom character in my new novel. Jennifer is quite the character. Here's my rough dream sketch:

Jennifer's fear was getting all her old friends together and having all the stinging lies emerge. Every friend would have a different Jennifer story. When she and Davis married right after high school graduation, the first thing she shed was her last name. No more Jennifer Winefield. Jennifer Caulfield would be the beginning of her transformation. When Davis was offered a job working in a gold mine in Elko, Nevada, she knew this was her chance to create a different life for herself. Lying was her favorite thing to do, though Jennifer preferred to call it a "reality change". She'd had enough actual reality to last a lifetime. She grew up to fast; an adult at twelve years old. Blankness surrounded her in Elko. No one knew her, except Davis. The nice thing about Davis was his self-absorption and selective memory. He didn't even notice as Jennifer changed from a plain Colorado girl into a sophisticated, beautiful woman with a new past she shared with her select group of mining wives. She started a book club called "Wine, Classics, and more."  She became the toast of Elko, Nevada, and beyond, with, or without, Davis.

Well, now I have to try again to wake up my 22-year-old son. Wish me luck!

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