Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Starting a Meetup Group in Santa Fe

I miss my writing support system back in my hometown of Denver. Hi, everybody at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Dianne, Trisha, and so many others! 

So, after moving to Santa Fe back in June, I'm finally networking with other writers and started a Meetup group!  

Here's my introduction to the "Encouraging Each Other to Just Write" Santa Fe Meetup group:

  We are meeting 11/12/2014, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, at Panera Bread on Zafaranos. It will be mostly introductions, and a collaborative session on what people need from a writing group, and what time/place they would like to meet in the future. 

The writing group I belonged to in Denver always brought their most recent page of writing for the group, we wrote for fifteen minutes on our own pieces/or a writing prompt, and the facilitator of that week brought copies of an interesting article about the writing process. The members could critique if they wanted to, but mostly the group encouraged the members to write their story's next page and keep on writing!!!!  So things were said like: Your focus seems lost (or right on track); Your dialogue seems to halt the story (or is great); The long explanation in the middle seems out of place (or is right on), etc. In our group, there will not be major critiquing, or editing, because most members are probably working on a first draft. Back in Denver, we had one member with a first draft already completed so she showed us her editing process.

 I hope you can come to our first meetup. However, this group is one where members can jump in at anytime. 
Write on!  --Analee

As always, if we don't write our piece, it will not magically write itself.