Friday, July 25, 2014


July 25, 2014
I take a writing break every Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I write an hour per day. Then back to the Monday through Thursday three hours per day habit. However, it's difficult to not think about my writing when I'm not writing.

So, today, I went to a mid-morning spin class; tried to get the cat pee smell out of my new office; made some calls for my husband; watched a little TV while doing laundry; and, then, found this great, funny Kurt Vonnegut video. I miss Kurt Vonnegut. I thank the YouTube posters for all of the quirky Vonnegut interviews and lectures. He is gone, but not forgotten. In fact, there are lots of famous authors on YouTube:
David Foster Wallace, Steven King, Dave Eggers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and even Ayn Rand, too name a just a few. Ayn Rand's interview with Phil Donahue is a classic hot mess.

Make it a wonderful weekend!

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