Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clean desk; clean schedule

July 22, 2014

First day back to my writing schedule since the Lighthouse Writers Workshop retreat. Back at home, this desk is my very own retreat!

I spent the first half hour revising a poem I wrote in Grand Lake. The rest of the hour was for going through all the paperwork from the retreat and organizing it into three piles: writing advice, interesting books to read, and, finally, all of my little paper scrap notes. These notes may, or may not, have a place in my current writing. I keep every note, character sketch, scene, and phone writing. I never know when the notes will come in handy, so I keep them all. I also learned about Evernote from a fellow writing camper. It easily synced across all my devices and has it's very own dropbox. Love it! Wonder if my paper scraps will go away now. It's a dream because it probably won't happen. I'm too used to scratching on whatever piece of paper is handy. However, it will be nice to write on my phone again. The Compositions phone app is gone now because it doesn't sync at all.

For the next two hours, I transcribed all retreat scene revisions. I also took out unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. My sentences pop without the useless repetition of these modifiers. Just for fun, try taking out some of these ubiquitous modifiers in revision. I'm sure you will be quite surprised at the result. Thanks to Karen Palmer for the idea.

The writing life yielded three very productive hours today.

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